Dronagiri is a nature & botanical sanctuary


Dronagiri is a nature & botanical sanctuary located in the wilds of east Clare, near Feakle.

We purchased the land in 2018 and so far have planted over 1500 native trees (including oak, birch, hazel, willow, holly, spindle, Scots pine and many others), medicinal trees, herbs & plants. We already get lots of wild visitors including deer, hares, foxes, pine martens, red squirrels, badgers, pheasants, kestrels, cuckoos, marsh harriers,  ravens and many others. Our hope is that over time Dronagiri will become a lush sanctuary for Irish wildlife.

For the layout we used Vastu shastra and we are restoring the land using permaculture,  biodynamic, organic, no dig and homeopathic agricultural methods. We’re learning as we go and will keep you posted on the transformation here…

The name Dronagiri comes from the name of the mythical mountain/valley in the Indian epic, the Ramayana. It was said that Dronagiri was a place rich in medicinal plants. The story goes that Hanuman was sent to Dronagiri to bring back Sanjeevani to save Lakshman’s life. When Hanuman arrived at Dronagiri he could not identify the herb and so, he took the whole mountain back to Lanka. The site of the mythical Dronagiri in the Himalayas is now thought to be The Valley of Flowers, a Unesco world heritage site.