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Diploma of Ayurvedic Studies, Practitioner Starts September 20th 2024

Early Bird available until May 31st 

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We have been training students since 2007

Our Ayurvedic courses are grounded in ancient Vedic wisdom and teach students the necessary tools to become an Ayurvedic professional. They encourage students to practice self care and care of others. Becoming an Ayurvedic practitioner offers an enriching path as it supports the individual and all those around them. Ayurveda is a complete health science for body and mind, it encompasses a vast range of modalities including, nutrition, lifestyle, therapies, detoxification, Meditation, Yoga, Jyotish Astrology & more.

All our courses are now in-person again. We decided to return to this format after doing a blended format from 2020-2022. After consulting with our students we discovered that they enjoy in person classes for a number of reasons from meeting like minded people and making new friends, the improved focus, the banter & more in depth discussion (which does not flow with online learning),  and getting away from their everyday lives to fully immerse themselves in Ayurveda once per month.

Choose from 3 professional Ayurvedic courses

Next Diploma of Ayurvedic Studies (Practitioner) starts on September 20th 2024

Next Ayurvedic Coach starts on September 20th 2024

Our next Ayurvedic Therapist Diploma course starts on September 20th 2024

Enrolment is now open for 2024 – email for a prospectus and application form

“This is one of the best courses I ever did! It caps off all my studies so far. Ayurveda helps you to guide diet and lifestyle changes, food combinations and herbal formulations to the highest level. I recommend every practitioner and individual must do this course, as it makes so much sense to guide you and your clients to the right path of health….” Selva Prakash Jeyaram Naturopath, functional medicine practitioner, Physiotherapist  (Graduate, Diploma of Ayurvedic Studies)

What our students say...

  • Super 2 days, presentations easy to understand & practical and makes me feel that I can include these Ayurvedic principals in my daily life. I will definitely be back. Carmel (participant Ayurveda for Health practitioners)


  • A great introduction to Ayurveda and one that will allow me to incorporate aspects in my own natural health clinic”.  Ashleigh,


  • Doug has a very effective teaching style and made the course interesting & practical. Linda 


  • ”Hello all, Satmya is welcoming & vast amount of education to be nourished from. As a shamanic practitioner & herbal student. Ayurveda is radically traditional medicine that I recommend anyone to learn or experience. With love Macha”


  • “This is my second visit to Satmya & I love the venue, the informative & welcoming staff, the delicious food and the content of the course. Very Educational, very holistic. – I’d thoroughly recommend it!”


  • “It was a wonderful course – the content was fascinating, the teacher was fantastic and the place itself was really welcoming -very positive energy. I have loved learning here. Thank you”


  • Thank you for the experience of Ayurveda”


  • Thank you for everything. Our family has so much gratitude for everything you shared.


  • Huge thanks for bringing us on such a wonderfully rich Ayurvedic experience


  • “Thanks for all the knowledge and craic over the past years”


  • “An inspirational course delivered by your series effort over many years”


  • “Thanks for all the wisdom, patience and opportunity”