Super 2 days, presentations easy to understand & practical and makes me feel that I can include these Ayurvedic principals in my daily life. I will definitely be back. Carmel (participant Ayurveda for Health practitioners)


A great introduction to Ayurveda and one that will allow me to incorporate aspects in my own natural health clinic”.  Ashleigh,


Doug has a very effective teaching style and made the course interesting & practical. Linda 


”Hello all, Satmya is welcoming & vast amount of education to be nourished from. As a shamanic practitioner & herbal student. Ayurveda is radically traditional medicine that I recommend anyone to learn or experience. With love Macha”


“This is my second visit to Satmya & I love the venue, the informative & welcoming staff, the delicious food and the content of the course. Very Educational, very holistic. – I’d thoroughly recommend it!”


“It was a wonderful course – the content was fascinating, the teacher was fantastic and the place itself was really welcoming -very positive energy. I have loved learning here. Thank you”


Thank you for the experience of Ayurveda”


Thank you for everything. Our family has so much gratitude for everything you shared.


Huge thanks for bringing us on such a wonderfully rich Ayurvedic experience


“Thanks for all the knowledge and craic over the past years”


“An inspirational course delivered by your series effort over many years”


“Thanks for all the wisdom, patience and opportunity”


“This is one of the best courses I ever did, as it caps all my studies I did do far. Ayurveda helps you to guide diet and lifestyle changes, food combinations and  herbal formulations to the highest level, I recommend every practitioner and individuals must do this course as it makes so much sense to guide you and your beings/ clients to right part of health, panchakarma therapies are best as it helps to do seasonal detoxification which is the best all should learn, practice themselves as well as do for others to get a clear mind and health towards long term benefits” 

Selva Prakash Jeyaram Naturopath, functional medicine practitioner, Herbalist  , Acupunturist, Nutritional Therapist, physiotherapist and Specialist manual therapist (Participant Diploma of Ayurvedic Studies)

Selva Prakash

I came to Satmya because I was going through a really stressful period and wanted to take the natural route to healing. I can honestly say that I got some respite from my anxiety as soon as I walked through its doors – even if it was only temporary to begin with. There’s just this tangible sense of calm. It emanates from the warm earthy décor, the incense-filled air and the bright, smiley faces of the owners. I did the ayurveda workshop and picked up some gems like the ‘gyatri’ mantra and the daily massage routine. The workshop was practically based but was also really conceptually stimulating. It sparked a deep interest in me for greater spiritual development and personal responsibility. I’m so grateful for the experience. I’m a calmer person for it. Thanks, Doug.


This place is truly a place of wellbeing & balancing from the moment before I walked in the door I knew I would be looked after -in a way I’d never been before -like traditional medicine. Satmya evolves – and as I return I evolve, also -many of the questions I had are now answered -most of my body problems have parted with Naturopathy. It is a pleasure to come back here and I highly recommend it to everyone – and will be – have been spreading the word. I wish Yvette & Douggie continued success and all the best for the future


I have been here for ongoing treatment for several months and have found great help & despite my regular “whining” have always been treated graciously & helpfully. My “in house” treatments have been wonderful and graciously applied and I now see “light” at the end of the tunnel. I have experienced great gentleness here & will continue to come when I have the need. Thankyou, 


Dear Yvette & Doug,
I just wanted to thank you both so much for the wonderful weekend in Killaloe. Satmya is really such a special place and I’ll look forward to visiting again. The workshop and all the fantastic advice has helped so much and the food was delicious. Many Thanks & Best Wishes


Doug & Yvette
A note to thank you both for introducing me to Ayurveda and to tell you how lovely it was meeting you both. The whole experience was really wonderful. Thank you again


“Attending the clinic at Satmya feels like stepping in to an oasis of care and compassion . Cream on the cake is to have Yvette who practises homeopathy at a deep connected level with her clients”

Jim Cronin, Organic farmer and vegetable grower.

For Doug & Yvette Thank you for your help – just when I needed it!

Jean Turkey

I’ve had a bad allergy for 30years but since being treated at Satmya, by Douggie & Yvette, it has improved immensely and also my overall health has improved. I have more energy & am feeling a lot better in myself.

Jim S

Dear Doug & Yvette, Thank you for being custodians of nature’s healing… Your invaluable advice and friendly warmth has made a great difference in my life. My blessings enfold & surround you!!


Both Doug & Yvette have helped me a great deal over the past few months. Their expertise and knowledge have benefitted me and personally I am delighted with my decision to try & explore other remedies. I have learnt a lot about myself and my lifestyle and would encourage anyone to enrich their lives by exploring and experiencing some quality time at Satmya