Ancient Vedic texts teach us the necessary tools to live a self sufficient, fulfilling and self actualised life (moksha). They encourage us to follow our true path (Dharma), seek the truth (Paramarthika Satya), live in harmony with nature and look after our own health & spirituality.

Since Satmya began in 2007, we have taken our responsibility to the environment seriously. We are proud of the fact that at the foundations of Satmya lie a strong ethos to work in harmony with our environment. We have always thought it was worth the extra effort!

We are currently building a new eco centre on our nature sanctuary in East Clare where Satmya will relocate by the end of 2021. Our new centre is being built using engineered straw bales and will be passive house standard. We have already planted 1200 trees and will continue to plant trees annually. We also allow our meadows to grow wild and are continually making and improving habitat to increase biodiversity and provide a sanctuary for Irish wildlife. We are 100% organic and we compost and reuse what we can.

Spring at Dronagiri

Some things we do to make a difference

We recycle everything that we can; paper, cardboard, tins, cans, plastics, glass

We compost and use this compost for our trees and plants

We decorate with clay paints, recycled wood and other recycled materials where possible

We print on recycled paper & only when necessary

We print our brochures and flyers on 100% recycled paper using vegetable inks

Our electricity is supplied by Airtricity ensuring it comes from a renewable energy source


We have a buy local, buy responsible policy which applies to all produce, products and services.

We actively support and take part in social and environmental projects within our local area.

We developed a local festival – The Killaloe Festival of Lights in October/November

We help the tidy towns initiatives when needed. We provide advice and information for other businesses

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