Once upon a time in Ireland, trees were considered to be gods, the ancient ancestors of mankind and elder beings of wisdom. They were a connection to the world of the spirits and a doorway into the ‘Otherworld’. They gave shelter and protection, provided sustenance and were a source of healing and medicine. The tree represented the soul of the community, their spiritual focus and source of well-being. Ireland was once covered in trees but now trees only cover 11% of the country and native trees only 2%.

In 2018, we purchased 8 acres of land near Feakle in East Clare with the intention that 6.5acres would be planted in native trees and a small amount kept for food, medicinal plants and wild meadow. Eventually we hope our land will become a lush sanctuary for Irish wildlife. So far, we have planted 1200 trees and every year for the next 5 years, we intend on planting at least 200 trees per year. We are also restoring the land using permaculture, biodynamic and homeopathic agricultural methods.

It is now tree planting time again and this year we would love everyone to get involved.

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”

— Kahlil Gibran

We have reached our target for 2022. We planted 220 trees. A massive THANK YOU to Hometree for donating 150 trees to us

Acts of creation are ordinarily reserved for gods and poets, but humbler folk may circumvent this restriction if they know how. To plant a pine, for example, one need be neither god nor poet; one need only own a shovel.

Aldo Leopold

Trees we are planting in 2021/22

Oak: Dair

Noble of the wood/A Chieftan tree

A most sacred tree and considered the door to the otherworld. It symbolised strength & courage and was associated with faeries and the Green Man. The Druids would eat the acorns before prophesying.

Can live to be 1000

Hawthorn- Sceach Gheal

A commoner of the wood

The humble Hawthorn held great power both as a medicine and as a sacred tree to the faeries. It was a symbol of fertility and associated with Bealtaine. There are many Celtic fairy tales that feature the hawthorn

Lives over 700 years

Holly – Cuileann

Noble of the wood/Chieftan tree

Holly was regarded as the Spiritual warrior and signified courage. It was strongly associated with the Winter Solstice and also with death & rebirth.

Live up to 300years

Birch – Beith

Commoner of the wood

Associated with birth renewal and purity, Birch was used to drive out evil spirits in livestock. It was also used as a Spring medicine and food.

Live for up to 150years

Yew – Iur

Noble of the wood/Chieftan tree

Symbolised eternal life and was used by the druids in divination rights. It was seen as a way to communicate with the Otherworld. Weapons made from Yew were very auspicious.

Live up to 5000years

Alder – Fearnóg

Commoner of the wood

Said to be home to the fairies and associated with water, spirituality & balance. They were said to contain the soul of our ancestors. They were important to the Celts as they were used extensively in weapon making.

Live up to 60years

“Trees are sanctuaries. Whoever knows how to speak to them, whoever knows how to listen to them, can learn the truth.”―

Herman Hesse

Here’s a list of what we have already planted:

Airig Fedo – ‘Nobles of the Wood’ (Cheiftain Trees):
Daur – Oak (planted 200)
Coll – Hazel (planted 200)
Cuilenn – Holly (planted 40)
Ibar – Yew (planted 5)
Uinnius – Ash (the land has many Ash but unfortunately most trees have Ash dieback, we are treating all of these trees with homeopathic Silica)
Ochtach – Scots Pine (planted 200)
Aball – Wild Apple (2 already here, planted 2)
Aithig Fedo – ‘Commoners of the Wood’ (Peasant Trees):
Fern – Alder (planted 20)
Sail – Willow (too many to count but planted 6 (different varieties))
Scé – Hawthorn (Whitethorn) Planted 200 but many already on site
Cáerthann – Rowan (Mountain Ash) (5)
Beithe – Birch ((planted 200 and about 40 mature trees already on site)
Lem – Elm (0)
Idath – Wild Cherry (15)
Fodla Fedo – ‘Lower Divisions of the Wood’ (Shrub Trees):
Draigen – Blackthorn (we have thick hedgerows full of blackthorn)
Trom – Elder (Bore Tree) (planted 15, already 3 large trees on site)
Féorus – Spindle-Tree (Planted 50)
Crithach – Aspen (planted 5)
Crann Fir – Juniper (planted 3)
Findcholl – Whitebeam (1 already here)
Caithne – Arbitus (Strawberry Tree) (Planted 1)

Iosa Fedo – ‘Bushes of the Wood’ (Bramble Trees):
Raith – Bracken (in abundance)
Rait – Bog-Myrtle (0) will be planted in 2021
Aiten – Gorse (Furze) (in abundance)
Dris – Bramble (Blackberry) (in abundance)
Fróech – Heather (Planted 4-5)
Gilcach – Broom (planted 3)
Spín – Wild Rose (Dog Rose) (in abundance)

Other trees planted

  • Apple trees x 6
  • Pear trees x 2
  • Peach tree x1
  • Apricot tree x1
  • Plum trees x1
  • Wild Cherry x20
  • Bird Cherry x10
  • Sweet Chestnut x2
  • Horsechestnut x1
  • Tilia x2
  • Sea buckthorn x2
  • Nanking cherry x1
  • Japanese Quince x1
  • Gingko x1
  • Eucalyptus x1
  • Acacia x1
  • Australian bottlebrush x1
  • Albizzia julibrissin x1
  • Italian alder x1
  • Stag’s horn sumach x1
  • Foxglove tree
  • Chaste berry tree x1
  • Butterfly bush x 7
  • Siberian pea tree x2
  • Judas tree x1
  • Privet x1
  • Golden rain tree x1
  • Black locust tree x1
  • Cornellian cherry x1
  • Siberian pea tree x1
  • Korean bee tree x1
  • Nanking cherry x1
  • Prunus nipponica x1 
  • Cherry plum x1
  • Hibiscus x1
  • Smokey Saskatoon x1
  • Soft fruit (raspberry, gooseberry, tae berry, Chokeberry, black currants, red currants, etc)

Where we buy our trees

Irish Seed Savers

Wild Oaks

Future Forests

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