DOUG HYDE ADV DIP AYUR, B.A. (BIOLOGY) Ayurvedic teacher/therapist/practitioner, meditation teacher & retreat facilitator Qualified 2005.

Doug is an Ayurvedic practitioner & co-founder of Satmya. Through consultations, corporate seminars, workshops and professional courses he endeavours to make Ayurveda accessible to everyone. Doug loves introducing his students & clients to the transformative power of Ayurveda. He believes that Ayurveda empowers people to manage their health and wellbeing to get the most out of life. Doug mainly works from his centre in East Clare but travels nationally with his work.

Background & interests

  • Doug’s interest in health has been lifelong, he was a competitive swimmer from when he was 5 years old until his mid-twenties.  He represented Ireland in his heyday and was awarded a full swimming scholarship from the University of Denver.  

  • During his swimming years, he often used natural therapies to support his body but whilst studying in Denver came across Ayurveda and felt this Ancient Science really clicked with him. After retiring from competitive swimming, he moved to Australia to study Ayurveda. When he completed his studies there, he returned to his native County Clare and opened Satmya in 2007.
  • Doug has a strong interest in Natural Building and sustainability and recently completed building a straw bale building which is the new Satmya Centre. 

  • He also has a deep love of Irish culture, folk history and language & endeavours to encourage this love in his children by speaking to them in Irish as often as possible. 

  • He loves native trees and together with his family has planted over 1500 native Irish trees around Satmya

Work with Doug:

  • Start your Ayurvedic journey with a private consultation. Doug will help you to understand your health through Ayurveda and where necessary will guide you to make changes to improve your wellbeing.
  • Attend a course: Doug trains students to become Ayurvedic professionals and offers 3 courses
  • Book a talk: bring Ayurveda into your workplace/ club/community/Yoga centre/Heath Retreat, etc. Doug tailors his talks to your needs and makes Ayurveda practical, fun and easy. (Doug has worked with W2, Ardnahoo, Obus school, Digino, ICA, Canon Hayes Recreation Centre, Clare Youth Service, Avara LTD, New Futures Farming group, Killaloe Ballina Community centre). Contact us to book a talk