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Our Diploma of Ayurvedic studies trains students in the use of Ayurveda as a health care modality. As part of this diploma students will learn 10 Ayurvedic therapies, be able to provide Ayurvedic lifestyle and dietary advice, dispense a range of Ayurvedic herbs and formulations and be qualified to treat clients using Ayurvedic protocol.

As part of this course participants will also implement Ayurvedic self care regimens, learn some meditation and Yoga techniques, study anatomy & physiology from an Ayurvedic perspective, learn about professional conduct and business awareness and complete clinical training. 

On completion of this course, participants will be fully equipped to practice as an Ayurvedic practitioner

This diploma course is a part time course conducted over 18 months at Satmya Vedic Living & Learning Centre, Co. Clare


Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a Diploma in Ayurvedic Studies. This will entitle you to successfully apply for indemnity insurance and enable you to practice Ayurvedic therapies and lifestyle consultations to the public.


Written and verbal fluency in English are a requirement for this course.

Participants must be 21 or over.


Anatomy and Physiology ITEC Level 3, QQI level 5 or equivalent.


Satmya Vedic Living & Learning Centre, Dronagiri, Magherabaun, Feakle, Co Clare.


Email:  Tel. 061 622751

Course Dates: January 29th 2022

Days/Times:    Sat/Sun 10-5pm

Delivery methods: on site lectures, course notes, online lectures, handouts, workbooks, practical demonstrations, hands-on learning and supervised clinical practice.

Examination: There will be continuous assessment throughout the course with monthly quizzes & practical assessment. All units of this course will be examined at the completion of the course with both written and practical examinations.

Duration: 18 Months

Reg/Deposit: € 900 (non refundable)

Total Fee: €5450 (early bird available until October 31st 2021)

The Diploma of Ayurvedic Studies course will cover the following topics:

Introduction to Ayurveda

Definition of Ayurveda

Unique features of Ayurveda

Aims of Ayurveda

The concept of health according to Ayurveda

History and philosophy of Ayurveda

Branches of Ayurveda

The Pancha Mahabhuta concept

Tridosha theory (Vital energies)

Concept of Saptha dhatus (Body tissues)

Concept of Malas (Waste products)

Concept of Agni (Digestive fire)

concept of Ama (Toxins)

Concepts of Koshas (GIT)

Concept of Prakruti (Body type)

Concept of Vikruti (Imbalance)

Concept of Srotas

Ayurvedic diet & nutrition

Purva Karma (Preparatory process for Panchakarma)

Snehana and Swedana karma

Abhyanga (Ayurveda full body oleation/massage)

Shiro-abhyanga (Head Massage)

Mukha Abhyanga (Face massage)

Swedana Karma (Steam therapies)

Karana Purana (Massage & oil therapy for the ears)

Nabhi Vijnanam (Naval Pulse correction)

Mukha Ubtan (Ayurvedic Facial)

Nasya (Nasal treatment)

Katti Basti (Lower Back Treatment with oil)

Shirodhara (Stream of Oil on Forehead)

Ayurvedic detoxification (Panchakarma therapy) (benefits of Vamana, Virechana, Basti & Nasya will be discussed)

Shad Upakarmas & Shatkriyas

Dosha Management

Disease formation according to Ayurveda

Ayurvedic herbs & formulations

Common Irish Herbal medicines and their Ayurvedic uses

The Marma points

Ayurvedic Diagnostics – uses, benefits & application

Properties & uses of various oils and herbs for topical application

Nidana (Etiology of Disease)

Atyayik chikitsa (Emergency care)

Unmada (Insanity)

Jwara (Fever)

Grahani Vikaras (Digestive conditions)

Stri Roga (Female Disorders)

Vajikarana (Fertility Treatment)

Rasayana (Tonics)

Case Taking & Clinical skills

Communication in the workplace

Health and safety in the workplace

Clinical studies & application of therapies

Anatomy & Physiology from an Ayurvedic perspective

Professional Conduct & business awareness

Introduction to Vedic astrology

Course cost does not include meals or accommodation. For more details please call or email.

8 Comments on “Ayurvedic Practitioner”

  1. Hi,
    I’m interested in your ayurveda course.
    Could I ask what the structure of the course, please? Are there classes every Sat and Sun?
    Is this done online?
    Thank you,

  2. To whom this may concern,

    I am very interested in completing this course.

    When is the next course start date and due to covid is it distance learning?

  3. I am really interested in your training course. Do you offer a payment scheme/ pay in installments? Is this done at weekends/ how often, monthly?

    • Hi Eileen,
      Thanks for your interest in our courses. I have emailed you a course prospectus which gives you more details about our courses. We do offer a payment scheme which works out at €283 per month for 18months after you pay the €900 deposit. Unfortunately this is a more expensive way to pay for the course (course fee + 10%). There is an Early bird price available until October 31st which gives students €500 off the total fee – many of our students avail of this offer by taking out a loan which they can pay back over a longer period.
      Please let us know if you have any other questions.

    • Hi Hilda,
      Thanks for your question.
      About 60% of the Practitioner course can be done online (via live Zoom lectures) but the therapies, diagnostics, cleanses (pancha karma) and clinical studies must be done in person. We will be offering an online Ayurvedic Wellness Coach Diploma from January 2023.
      Kind regards,

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