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Spring Improvements at Satmya

Since the beginning of Spring we have been busy improving the surroundings of Satmya, we got new wooden signage, outdoor seating and we have been busy in the polytunnel getting seedlings ready to plant out around the business.

Interview with Doug about our straw bale building

We wanted our building to be in harmony with the locale – rural county Clare. The design is similar to that of traditional Irish buildings, so it perfectly blends in the surrounding landscape. However, the orientation and the layout stray far from Irish tradition. We used Vastu shastra (the Indian Feng Shui), which loosely translates as the teaching or doctrine of dwelling.

Our medicinal herb garden

To get the herb garden started we planted a small range of medicinal herbs including:
Rosemary, Lavender, Calendula, Hyssop, Agrimony, Goldenrod, Chives, Agastache, German Chamomile, Echinacea purpurea, Feverfew, Solomons seal, lungwort, marshmallow, Inula helenium, Lemonbalm, Fennel, Mugwort, Birch, Eupatorium, Vervain, Centaury, Hypericum, Wormwood, Motherwort and Rose Campion. (Most herbs were grown from seed & all are organic)

Spring Tips

In Ayurveda, Spring is a wonderful opportunity to reduce Kapha and harness the cleansing energy of this season. This is one of the easiest times of the year to detoxify your body, lose weight and reduce allergies. This is generally done through dietary changes, Ayurvedic cleansing practices and herbs to support this process.