Yoga for Weight Loss

About the class

  • Dates: September 17th 2014
  • Cost: €25 per person
  • Time/Duration: 7pm to 9pm (2 hours)
  • Includes: Yoga class, notes, refreshments
  • Teacher: Julie Hyde

 “A Healthy Outside starts from the Inside” – Robert Urich 

In this workshop ancient Hatha Yoga asanas (postures) will be taught which bring balance back to the body to gain optimum health. Yoga teaches us to take control of our bodies, eating habits and our attitude towards our weight.

Losing weight isn’t just about dieting, cutting calories and exercising more. A healthy weight, natural to your own body type, is found by lifestyle changes, both mental and physical – the mind/body connection. The heightened body awareness we learn during our yoga practice begins to effect the decisions we make off the mat. We become more aware of our bodies and start to make positive changes and decisions such as the type of foods we eat and the way we spend our time i.e watching TV or going out for a walk.

The reason for weight gain is different for all people. For some it may be emotional eating and others it may be due to a hormonal imbalance, however the ancient science of Yoga works in all areas; physically, mentally and emotionally.

Regularly practicing yoga will not only bring you back to your natural healthy weight, but will also help improve posture, confidence and body image.

Workshop Outline: 

  • Yoga asanas (postures) in a sequence to build flexibility and increase strength and willpower
  • Use of Pranayama (breathing) to help stimulate the metabolism, assisting in weight loss.
  • Diet & lifestyle tips
  • Meditation techniques to help quiet the often negative messages that arise in the mind

In this class you will:

  • Start to loosen muscles which may be tightened by inactivity, tension or stress
  • Begin to increase range of motion in joints which will enhance flexibility
  • Work with your breath and find enjoyment in your body
  • Increase energy levels through the use of Yoga asanas
  • Reconnect with your body in a safe positive environment

This workshop will be beneficial to anyone looking to explore the benefits of Yoga for healthy weight management. No yoga experience or level of flexibility needed.

Please arrive 15 minutes before class if this will be your first visit to Yoga at Satmya.

Please call 061 622751 for more information or bookings