Herbal Dispensary


Satmya has a wide selection of herbal tinctures (extracts in alcohol), dried & powdered herbs, etc. We source herbs from a range of small to medium herb growers and stock organic and wild crafted herbs where possible. We carry the popular herbs like Echinacea, Valerian, and Nettles but also some uncommon herbs like Blue vervain, Sweet leaf (Monarda) and Solomon’s Seal. If you are looking for more unusual herbs give us a ring first and if we dont have it in stock we will try and get it from one of our suppliers. We also carry a huge selection Ayurvedic herbs & culinary spices.

At the dispensary we will give you any advice necessary on how to take the herbs effectively and offer free 15minute consultations to ensure you will get the best herbs for you. If you are treating something more complex we do recommend booking in for a longer consultation with either the Naturopath, who is also a qualified herbalist and member of the IRH or the Ayurvedic practitioner  (the Ayurvedic tradition also uses herbal medicines).

The service we provide at Satmya is unique and gives you access to a wide variety of herbal medicines.

The cost of herbal medicines vary from €3 for dried herbs to €50 for 500mls of tincture.

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