Ayurvedic Therapist

On this course you will gain an excellent foundation in Ayurveda and learn how to practice 10 Ayurvedic therapies. Ayurvedic therapies are world renowned for their rejuvenating and healing properties. 12 months €2400, early bird price €2100 is available until September 30th Our Diploma of Ayurvedic therapies trains students in the use of Ayurveda therapies. As part of this diploma students will learn 10 Ayurvedic therapies, how to... Read More

Ayurvedic Coach

Become an Ayurvedic lifestyle & nutrition coach. Use Ayurveda to coach your clients on how to transform their lives through Ayurveda. Along with nutrition and lifestyle protocol you will also learn Ayurvedic diagnostic techniques and simple Ayurvedic herbs and formulae. (12months) 12 months €3200,  early bird price €2900 is available until September 30th Our Ayurveda coach program trains students in the use of Ayurveda... Read More

Frozen food & Ayurveda

Our food should be vital, full of Prana (energy) and a source of nourishment. In Ayurveda, food that is lifeless or lacking in Prana is referred to as Paryushita. Unfortunately frozen food falls under this unpleasant title… Although science suggests that frozen foods can be nutritious, Ayurveda views them as lacking in essential vitality and unable to enliven Sattwa (creative force). Fresh foods (good quality, organic, etc) are abundant in Prana... Read More