Summer Retreat

Summer retreat at lisnavagh

Recharge & Renew

16-18th May 2014

Discover ways to nurture your body & mind through the ancient traditions of Ayurveda, Hatha Yoga and Meditation. During this two day retreat you will learn simple ways to improve your energy, increase your digestion, reduce tension & decrease stress levels. From the Ayurvedic view point, each season brings new challenges for our bodies & minds, therefore we must strive to balance our internal environment with what’s happening in the external environment.

The focus of this retreat will be on how to stay balanced for the Summer months.

On this seasonal Ayurveda Health Retreat you will enjoy a life changing weekend of teachings, rest, relaxation, healing Ayurvedic food, cooking demonstrations, daily meditation, Hatha Yoga & Pranayama. (Consultations & treatments are available by appointment).

You will learn valuable tools, like how to:

  • Cook & eat according to the seasons & your body type
  • Use Meditation to balance your mind
  • Practice Hatha yoga & Pranayama
  • Improve your digestion & metabolism
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Increase energy levels
  • Calm your mind
  • Manage stress, anger, anxiety & other difficult emotions
  • Reduce toxic accumulation
  • Nurture yourself on a daily basis

Ayurveda is over 5000 years old and does not change from one week to the next. The principles & practices have remained unchanged for millennia. It does not promote fads or superfoods! Ayurveda is logical and firmly based on the laws of nature, these laws do not change. Ayurveda teaches health in a way that is understandable & sustainable. It is the ancient wisdom of a very nourishing, practical & firmly rooted tradition. Our retreats are about learning and gaining a deeper insight into your body & mind. There is time to relax but this is not the only focus. We encourage participants to partake in our wellness classes and gain a deeper insight into their lives.  Our retreats are suitable for everyone.



  • Relaxing morning & evening Hatha Yoga & Pranayama
  • Daily Meditation
  • Ayurveda self care practices
  • Guided Mindful Nature Walks
  • Delicious seasonal Ayurvedic vegetarian cuisine
  • Ayurvedic cooking demos
  • Beautiful grounds to explore
  • Daily Ayurvedic wellness classes with a focus on stress reduction, relaxation and health maintenance

Venue: Lisnavagh House and Gardens, Co. Carlow

Nearest international airport: Dublin
(60 mins)

Price Guides (based on a two night stay single occupancy ) include:1465137_10151935997070845_971926790_n

  • Exclusive and private use of the House & Gardens
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Ayurvedic Classes in wellness
  • Your own single or shared occupancy luxury bedroom
  • Ayurvedic Cooking demos
  • Delicious seasonal Ayurvedic Vegetarian breakfast, lunch and dinner for the duration of your stay


  • Lisnavagh House En-suite Bedrooms  €485 (Single) €350 (sharing)
  • All other bedrooms €445 (Single) €310 (sharing)
  • Group discounts available


Places are limited, so please book early to secure your spot and the room that you would prefer. To check room availability before booking, email us on
To book into the retreat you simply need to email or call and then send us full payment. You can pay by via credit card, cheque or paypal.

Summer retreat

Participants should arrive between 4pm and 6pm on the first day. On the last day we will finish up at about 4 pm.


Ayurveda Wellness, Ayurvedic cooking & Meditation – Doug Hyde (read more)

Hatha Yoga, Pranayama, Cooking & Guided walks – Julie Hyde (read more)

Each day will consist of the following:

  • Hatha Yoga & Pranayama session with Julie (x2)
  • Meditation session with Doug (x1)
  • Practical sessions with Doug or Julie (cooking demo, Self care demo, etc) (x 1-2)
  • Wellness classes with Doug (Ayurveda wellness & self care) (x 1-3)
  • Question time with Doug (x1)
  • Free time for massages, walks around the grounds and relaxation

Classes and practicals are approximately 1-2 hours long.  Each meditation is 30 minutes and Yoga is 30-75 mins . There are also Cooking Demonstrations (1-2hours long)

Consultations & some treatments are available by prior arrangement (please book early to avoid disappointment)


All meals are vegetarian and are prepared fresh. Meals are prepared according to the Ayurvedic principles of food combining & seasonal energetics. Meals will be light & easy to digest, helping to naturally cleanse the body and restore digestive strength.

Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Hatha Yoga

The Yoga is suitable for beginners but also for more advanced students.  It is specifically designed for balancing digestion, decreasing stress and rejuvenating the mind and body.


PDlASUjnXDQMe9KrlOPMpKf37B0h3UzZG7FOFvEpLtM,Fb9EmhSv_xuISYraQgJJ76nOtmbAR2kgqlOMBhDr4xw,8JudVeTit_kMY1zb1GWl69qXFW0k_5AebMOlsj94yvM,5iIn2fP3RvfRfgjTSy2JQMCBBQgXpnQuRk-5FiXuP4oOur Summer retreat will take place at Lisnavagh house, Co. Carlow. Lisnavagh is a Victorian Gothic mansion set in 10 acres of pleasure grounds.

The name “Lisnavagh” is believed to come from the Irish Lios na BhFea, which means garden or enclosure of beech. Situated near Rathvilly in the north of Co. Carlow, the estate has been a family home for eleven generations and covers hundreds of acres. The Estate includes Lisnavagh House, several cottages, superb grazing for cattle & tillage land for maize, barley and wheat. Over  250 acres of mainly hardwood woodland sees Beech, Oak and Ash and other native woodland species thrive allowing a healthy biodiversity of flora and wildlife to exist in its surrounds.

All the bedrooms are unique, luxurious and very comfortable. Many come with en-suite, although some are with shared bathrooms.


About our residential retreats


About our day retreats

Prices include accommodation, retreat program and all meals and refreshments.

To organise a private retreat at a venue of your choice, please contact us on 061 622751 or email

What is your cancellation or refund policy? 
If you decide to cancel your place before 1 month prior to your retreat, 50% of your payment is refundable. Thereafter it is non refundable.

If we cancel the retreat for any reason all payments will be refunded.

Testimonials from our Winter & Spring retreats at Springfield Castle

“This retreat was absolutely fantastic, and I left feeling enlightened and inspired. The Ayurvedic practitioners felt more like mentors than teachers, and they established a setting that felt comfortable and even intimate—a space that afforded all of us the opportunity to talk about health and emotional issues in a real and honest way. Just as nurturing as the practitioners was the food. I walked away from this weekend with improved digestion, as well as the knowledge needed to continue to strengthen my digestion. And the gentle cleanses were good for both the body and mind, helping me absorb what I’d learned and prep for what was to come. In a nutshell, this retreat is an experience that’ll stick with you long after you leave the beautiful castle.”

—Aaron, Co. Clare

“The instant I pulled up to the beautiful Springfield castle I knew I was in for a special and unique retreat. Mornings began in a spacious, warm, candle-lit room with guided meditation followed by a gentle yoga class and self-massage. The practitioners’ guidance and instruction in these practices was the best I’d ever received. The group meals were also wonderful. The Ayurvedic food was simple yet amazingly flavorful—the kind of meals that reassure you that healthy eating is truly doable—and the family-style service not only gave us a chance to bond with each other, but also with the practitioners. Just three days of this retreat has had far-reaching effects in my life. It’s been two months since I left the castle and I am still waking up to meditate, doing the gentle cleanses I was taught on the retreat, and eating Ayurvedic foods that have transformed how I look and feel.”

—Meghan, New York

“I’ve read a lot about Ayurvedic practices in the past, but on this weekend retreat I actually learned how to implement them into my daily routine and why it’s so important to do so. From self-massage techniques and Ayurvedic cooking to the proper way to use a neti pot, the instruction provided on this retreat was second to none. This is the perfect weekend retreat if you’re looking for a countryside getaway that’ll help you de-stress, press the re-set button, and kickstart your health goals.”


“The benefits were amazing and would definitely recommend it to anyone”


“A splendid retreat with a beautiful mix of individuals all on a journey in a fabulous castle away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life! I will be living and loving the precious new insights of well-being so wonderfully illustrated by the very knowledgeable & learned Douggie and Julie! Blessings to you all”

-Isobel x