Room rental

At Satmya we have a range of rooms to rent to qualified practitioners. We have rooms that are suitable for therapies or consultations and a large room for workshops, yoga/meditation classes, etc. 

Our spacious clinic rooms are designed to be calming and relaxing. They are all supplied with heating, lighting, a treatment bed and chairs. Therapists can also bring in their own equipment.

Our rooms are suitable for alternative health practitioners (Acupuncturist, physical therapist, herbalist, homeopath, craniosacral therapist,
psychotherapist, reflexologist, massage therapist, etc)

We also have a workshop space available that is suitable for: Meditation, Yoga, Herbal medicine/Homeopathy/TCM workshops, Qigong, information events, etc (desks, chairs & whiteboard are available on request)

There is a communal dining space available to use with the workshop space.

Our rooms can be rented on a one off or monthly basis. For information on renting or viewing the rooms please call 061 622751.

Killaloe is a thriving village on the banks of the river Shannon in East Clare. Satmya was established in 2007 and is well known in the area.