Panchakarma can be done seasonally (perform the appropriate cleansing techniques specific to that season) or individually as needed or in combination.

Though we recommend at least a 3 day retreat, you can come for any number of days.

If you are unsure as to how many days would suit you, you are very welcome to call or email us for advice on 061 622751 or ei.ay1550344789mtas@1550344789ofni1550344789. We aim to make panchakarma accessible to everyone and therefore tailor packages to suit each budget.

For accommodation we recommend the Lakeside hotel which is less then 10 minutes walk away. The Lakeside are offering 10% discount for stays of 3 nights or less,  15% discount for stays between 4-7 nights and 20% for 7 nights plus.  Just remember to tell them you are doing a retreat package at Satmya.

The 5 cleanses sample prices:

Nasya – €50 per treatment. Course of treatments 7 = €280

Vamana – 5 day €1045 (Purvakarmas including consultationsAbhyanga x 6, Nasya x 2, Shirodhara x 1 & medicines).

Virechana – 5 day €765 (Purvakarmas including consultations, abhyanga x 6, shirodhara x 1 & medicines)

Basti – 8 Day Basti/Ayurvedic Enema Package €750. (Purvakarmas including consultation, Shirodhara x 1, abhyanga x 8 and 8 enema therapies)

Raktamokshana: Not available

Other cleanses available as part of Panchakarma include:

  • Kunjala – €60
  • Baghi -€60
  • Neti – €45

Purvakarma (Preparation for panchakarma cleanses) 3-21 days € varies depending on treatment plan.

16 day Basic Panchakarma €1,360 ( including Nasya, Vamana, Virecana, and Basti with supporting treatments and medicines)

18 day Delux Panchakarma € 2,429 (including Nasya, Vamana, Virechana and Basti with daily treatments and medicines)