Ayurveda Intro Package €95

Ayurvedic Consultation & Shiro-Abhyanga

This is an excellent introduction package to the fascinating “Science of life”, that is Ayurveda.
This package incorporates a 1hour consultation followed by the most popular Ayurvedic treatment, the Indian head massage (Shiro-Abhyanga).

Bliss Package €180

Abhyanga & Shirodhara

This is the ultimate in pure bliss. Your body, mind & spirit will be soothed beyond your expectations.
This package begins with a short Indian head massage, followed by Abhyanga & then the Shirodhara. The benefits of this treatment will flow throughout your body leaving you rebalanced, calm and at peace with yourself.

Respite €60

Shiro-abhyanga & Remedial Massage

Take a break from your busy schedule and enjoy a little respite at Satmya. This package begins with a deeply relaxing Indian head massage before your, therapeutic remedial massage.
 “Respite” is excellent for stress, tension or simply for a little indulgence when you’re short on time.

De-stress Package €120

Abhyanga & Shiro-abhyanga

Your worries will simply fade away as you embark upon two hours of luxurious treatments.
 Combining the Shiro-abhyanga & the Abhyanga the De-stress package is ideal for escaping your everyday woes.

Indulgence €55

Shiro-Pad Abhyanga (Indian Head & Foot Massage)

This package combines an Ayurvedic foot massage with an Indian head massage.
The foot massage uses Marma point therapy (similar to reflexology), followed by a warm footbath with milk & rose petals. While your feet are soaking you will receive a deeply relaxing head massage.