Nadi Sweda

Nadi Sweda – Massage & steam treatment €60

Using herbal oils, various parts of your body are massaged and steamed for deep penetration.
 Steam therapy is beneficial for muscle and joint stiffness, heaviness, pain or paralysis in one or more parts of your body.
Nadi Sweda is the local application of steam combined with oil massage therapy. The aim is to soften the tissue and produce a sweat. The vapours dilate and soften the channels of the body allowing the impurities to move out. Herbal steam specific to the ailment or vitiated dosha is administered which opens the pores, dislodges the toxic materials, making them subtler and flushes the system. In addition to this it reduces the body’s stiffness.

Benefits of Nadi Sweda

    • Reduces pain in the body
    • Eliminates toxins
    • Promotes lightness
Reduces stiffness
Beautifies the skin
Removes the Cellulite
    • It is useful in conditions such as arthritis, muscle pain or stiffness or similar conditions.

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