Earthborn Paints

At Satmya we believe in a living environment that is free from harmful toxins.

That is why we use and supply Earthborn Paints.

Earthborn offers a safe alternative to commercial paints but don’t compromise on style or choice.

Earthborn provide stylish, high performance products that are safer to use and sound for the environment. There is now little argument that many ingredients in conventional paints are potentially hazardous to both health and the environment. Perhaps more importantly, it is not only what goes into a paint but also what comes out of it that matters.

During use and throughout their lifetime, conventional paints can release harmful compounds into the air. These atmospheric pollutants can include greenhouse gases and are known to be potentially harmful to health – not to mention very smelly! They have been found to aggravate allergies, asthma and other chest complaints; also to be a cause of sick building syndrome.

So what makes Earthborn Paints different?

Earthborn do not believe you should have to sacrifice quality or style to protect your health or the environment. By carefully selecting ingredients and using technologically advanced manufacturing processes and formulations, we create outstanding products that prove our point.

Launched in 2001, Earthborn were ‘eco’ before most people knew what ‘eco’ meant. They were the first UK paint brand licensed by HM Government to carry the EU Ecolabel.

All Earthborn paint products are waterborne. Forget the debate about whether citrus and other plant oils are better than petro chemical derived oils…Earthborn paints contain NO oils. They also contain NO VOCs or acrylic softeners. Check it out….all their products carry a FULL declaration of ingredients.

You do not need to compromise performance when using Earthborn Paints. Indeed, their paints are frequently specified not because of their eco or health credentials, but because of their unique qualities, high performance and style.

Word is spreading

Earthborn products are now available nationally through more than 120 independent retailers and merchant networks such as C Brewer and Sons and Dulux Decorator Centres.

They are regularly featured in lifestyle magazines and are chosen by bodies such as the National Trust, English Heritage and the Royal Households to provide a healthier, high performance finish in a range of properties.

Satisfied customers tell us that they would never go back to their old brands and it is especially rewarding to hear from people with allergies, asthma and other chest complaints who have switched to Earthborn and experience much improved health.

Clay Paint Colour card

Earthborn receives write up by Vogue Magazine


Vogue May features the newly branded paint pots by Earthborn in a feature about ‘Changing Rooms’. Featuring alongside some of the UK’s most up and coming interior design brands, its great to see our designer paints getting recognition from one of the UK’s leading ‘style bibles’ for fashion and lifestyle.Pastel shades are set to be big this year, and its good to know that our palette available in both Claypaint or Eggshell finishes are right on trend. Watch out for Lemony and Tutu!

Come in & get a colour card or pick up a sample. Alternatively just call us on 061 622751 & we’ll send you out a brochure.

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