The Herbal Dispensary

Organic herbal tinctures, oils, creams, teas, homeopathic remedies, Ayurvedic medicines & sundries…

Our Herbal Dispensary is open every Thursday from 10-1.30pm

Free 15minute consultations available

At the dispensary we treat people of all ages, from young to old, and offer natural solutions to everyday health problems

Natural remedies for:

  • Prevention – immune tonics, adrenal support, detoxification, health maintenance, etc.
  • Acute health problems: coughs, colds, sore throats, viral infections, constipation, diarrhoea, minor injuries (bruising, sprains, broken bones, etc), herpes simplex, earaches, sinusitis, allergies, teething, colic, toothache, etc
  • Minor chronic health issues:  some digestive problems, hormonal imbalance, fatigue, burnout, sleep disturbance, mild depression, etc

If you have more chronic or complex health problems we advise you to have a full consultation with our Naturopath or Ayurvedic Practitioner. 


Naturopath (Herbalist, Homeopath, Nutritionist)

Yvette is available at the dispensary every Thursday morning from 10-1pm. She has been working in herbal dispensaries since 2003 and has a lot of experience with dispensing herbal & homeopathic remedies for many health conditions. read more here