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Homoeopathy is a holistic system of medicine founded by the German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843). 


The practice of Homoeopathy is based on certain fundamental principles:

Like Cures Like
In practice, this means that a medicine capable of producing certain effects when taken by a healthy human being is capable of curing any illness that displays similar effects.
 Hahnemann was not the first to postulate such a theory it was Hippocrates (the father of orthodox medicine) who many years before expounded this principle in the words, “Simillia Similibus Curentur” (likes are cured by likes). 

The remedies that are used are tested on human volunteers (provers) to elicit the symptoms they can produce. The symptoms of each remedy experienced by the provers are recorded in exact detail and they form the Homoeopathic materia medica. The symptoms of the patient are matched with the symptoms of the various remedies in the materia medica to find out the single remedy whose symptoms are most similar to those of the patient (like cures like).


Hahnemann’s scientific experiments led him to the process of potentisation.
 Potentisation: A step by step dilution and jerking of the drug makes it extremely powerful and at the same time renders it harmless. This is in direct contrast to the toxic drugs of modern medicine, and their “side effects”.


  • Homeopathy is effective:  Homeopathy is a recognised system of health in many countries, including the UK, India & Germany. Recent research has backed up the claims that Homeopathy is indeed effective. The Swiss government has determined that the very small doses commonly used in homeopathic medicine are both effective and cost-effective. Despite the impressive technological prowess of conventional medicine today, the Swiss government has determined that homeopathy is considerably more cost effective. read more
  • Homeopathy is holistic: Homeopathy takes in the totality of symptoms and treats both physical and emotional problems.  It takes into account the whole person not just isolated problems/symptoms. There is no medicine for any particular disease, but there is a medicine for the patient suffering from the disease, but there is a medicine for the patient suffering from the disease. “The individual, not the disease, is the entity” said the celebrated Sir William Osler.
  • Homeopathy is gentle: When used appropriately, Homeopathy heals in a very subtle and gentle way. It stimulates the body’s own healing processes and over time the body returns to balance. It strengthens the body rather than weakening it. Homeopathy can be used by children, elderly and during pregnancy.
  • Homeopathy is natural: Homeopathy uses naturally occuring substances which work in harmony with the body.

What can it treat?

Homeopathy can assist in many conditions. It is holistic by nature and treats the person not the disease. It is very useful in conditions like: Depression, anxiety, digestive problems, colds, chronic pain, menstrual disorders, sleep disorders, etc
What’s involved?

To use homeopathy as a healing modality it is advised for you to see a qualified Homeopath. A homeopathic consultation will last about 1.5-2hours. This consultation will take go through information such as your current & past medical history, your family medical history, your elimination, sleep pattern, appetite, temperament, etc The reason that so much information is garthered is that your present health condition is not usually an isolated occurrence.

After the consultation the Homeopath will decide on an appropriate remedy to match your set of symptoms closely. This remedy may be given to you on the day or after a couple of days. Sometimes in the course of Homoeopathic treatment, the history of past illness appears briefly in the reverse order, like a film being played backwards. When this happens, we know that not only the present, but also its cause in the past has been treated and the future is secure.

Homeopathic dispensary

At Satmya we carry a large range of homeopathic remedies from common acute remedies like Arnica and Calendula to more constitutional remedies like the Lanthanides or unusual animal remedies. We  recommend a consultation before giving potencies higher than 200C or in treating at a constitutional level.

If you require more than one remedy please call in advance and we will have your remedies ready for collection. If you need advice on homeopathy our Naturopath is also a qualified Homeopath and can try to help you in any way.

We also stock homeopathic first aid kits and books about Homeopathy

About the Homeopath

Yvette Hyde
B. Hsc(Nat), Adv. Dip Homeopathy, Adv Dip Western Herbal Medicine, B. Comm.

Yvette trained as a Naturopath at the Australasian College of Natural therapies (ACNT) & the University of New England, Armidale in NSW, Australia. On completion of her studies she was awarded Naturopathy student of the year by ACNT & Phytomedicine. She has also completed a postgraduate course in Homeopathy at the Bengal Allen College in Calcutta, India.

Yvette has a keen interest in Homeopathy and regularly travels to homeopathy seminars around the world to upgrade her knowledge. The type of homeopathy she practices is the Sentsation Method.