The wise sages of old observed that all phenomenon come under the influence of three modes of activity, called the 3 Gunnas. The influence of the 3 Gunnas is universal and all pervasive thus governing our mind also.

There is a proportion of these Gunnas which if maintained supports life to it’s full potential.

Sattva 70% Rajas 20% men & 10% women Tamas 10% Men & 20% Women

Sattva  (pronounced Sat-va)
This is nature’s creative force. It manifests life and provides harmony.
Sattwic (sat-vick) minds work peacefully and are content. Sattwic foods are light and easy to digest.
They nourish the mind and body and provide for optimum health.
Some Sattwic foods: Fresh whole foods like vegetables, milk, fruit and grains, lentils, nuts and dried fruit.

This is natures protective and maintenance mode. It helps us to sustain what Sattwa has created.
It is activity, generates motion and expresses itself as the ability to organise and implement.
In excess Rajas results in hyperactivity, aggression, severe attachment, regrettable actions and generally having a disturbing influence on the mind.
Some Rajasic foods: Garlic, onions, tomatoes, peppers, eggs, fish, seafood, coffee etc.

Tamas is nature’s way of completing things.
It represents latent energy without which rest or sleep would not be possible.
It provides order through its binding energies like gravity.
Some Tamasic foods: red meat, alcohol, mushrooms, fermented foods, cheese, leftover foods etc