Flower Essences

Satmya proudly carries a large selection of flower essences. We stock the full range of Australian Bush Flower Essences and the Green Tara Essences and will be expanding this range in the near future. For flower esssences you can get combination remedies or single remedies.

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Green Tara Flower Essences are a new range formulated by Julia Graves

Here’s a brief description of the Green Tara flower essences

Madonna Lily: Conception.

Generally it is used for spiritual receptivity, purity and intuition. Its indications are for those disconnected from one’s femininity or intuition, for sullied femininity or sexuality, not wanting to be female, sexual difficulties, energetically shut down womb, depression, sexual abuse (including inappropriate gynaecological procedures).

Crocus: Birth

Individuation, positive bonding, forming or weaning oneself off a relationship.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Indications: lack of bonding, difficulty to separate from mother or inappropriately tight energy ties to another person, dependency, birth trauma, abandonment especially in utero or at birth, not wanting to let go of ones children, porous or damaged aura.

Yellow Day lily: Gaiety

Indications: Overly serious or brooding, depressed, uncomfortable to be playful or change roles, inability to relate to children or the inner child, have overly high expectations of self or others, overly responsible or irresponsible, being childish.

Star of Bethlehem: Consolation

Grief, shock, trauma, emotional pain

Indications: soothing, calming, relaxing, it brings us back to ourselves and our senses, soul retrieval, allays an inner sense of emergency and tension, and opens the heart to new positive things.

Wild Tulip: Heartful-ness

Acceptance, love

Indications: emotional tension, fighting with difficult emotions, being unable to accept or bear one’s emotions, emotional uptightness, obsession, perfectionism, hysteria, impatience, restlessness, tightness in chest, love-impoverished childhood, lack of positive mothering or parenting, feeling abandoned or rejected, feeling tortured by emotions, being an orphan or adopted, loss of parent. being emotionally blocked.

Red Onion: Connectedness

Sense of belonging, of social and global connectedness, wholeness

Indications: Social isolation with tearfulness and bag-lady-ism, feeling disconnected from people around us, feeling rejected, autistic tendencies, connects polarity of head and belly, metabolic disturbances, inability to integrate into a group or tackle life, foggy head, culture shock, immigration exile

Himalaya Lily: Gracefulness

Youthfulness, puberty

Indications: for tomboys and pubescent girls and boys, women and me who are unable to live puberty as a wondrous time of unfoldment had to harden -will reconnect them to their inner girl or boy, shyness, social greenness, machoism -which comes with stiff, soldier like movements, lack of grace, stiff and mechanical movement.

Daylily: Zest for life

Balanced activity

Indications:excessive drive, workaholics, overly competitive, perfectionism, life in the fast lane, tension, impatient, sense of urgency, sexual acting out, tension in the back, women in male jobs, the “know it all”, show off, braggart, blown out or proportion ego, machoism

Toad Lily: Shift

Change purification

Indications: Integrating shadow parts of personality, being truthful with oneself, acknowledging how low one has fallen, sobriety, spirituality penetrating deeply into worldly matters.

Hellebore: Empowerment and cleansing

Empowerment, leadership qualities, facing challenge, encountering shadow aspects of self

Indications: needs for self empowerment and taking a stance, feeling toxic, negativity, inability to stop negative thoughts and feelings, struggles to assume or give up leadership.

Asparagus: Break through

Focus, rejuvenation

Indications: depression, closed down emotions, inability to give or receive love, co-dependence, tightness in chest, pride, fear, stinginess, feeling of superiority, jealousy, hardened heart or emotions, rigidity, selfishness, being overly materialistic.

Solomons seal: Protection

Wise leadership, healthy love relationships, nurturing building oneself up

Indications: Inability to nurture oneself and others, need for a new direction in life, black and white thinking, seeing no way out, vulnerability, violent sexual experiences, being overly controlling or cruel, experiencing control or violence, eating disorders, infertility

White Trillium: Balance of power in relationships

Sexual relationships, male/female interaction

Indications: women suppressed in relationships, men domineered by their partners, when the feminine has been mistreated by the masculine, irritability, restlessness, melancholy and sadness, low or clocked libido, sexual problems due to tension held in the pelvic area.

Grape Hyacinth: Speaking

Finding ones own voice, communication

Indications: Inability to speak up, to say what one needs to say, feeling blocked on the level of the voice box, for voice problems especially due to tension or constriction in the throat area, stammering, stuttering, negative patterns of relating to others through language, whipped up emotions.

Tiger lily: Fruition

Inner male-female balance. Being a strong woman or a whole man

Indications: Being overly male as a woman, denying or suppressing one’s feminine side as a man, not wanting to be female, being overly in-or extroverted, feeling hurried and rushed, competitiveness, withdrawn and inactive, wild feelings and behaviour, depression, weeping

Meadow saffron: Transcendence, dying

Indications: Parting, enetering into death and death experiences, great losses in life, death of ego, holding on too tightly, needing to let something end, rites de passages, needing to contact those who passed over, preparing for death or loss or accompanying others through it.

Asian lily: Transformaion, renewal

Letting go, acessing higher dimensions

Indications: Needs for transformation, or a new beginning, denying death, emerging from inner and outer death experience, longing for death, inertia, unchanging self image, spiritually working through extreme or life threatening trauma, feeling vandalised, grounded spirituality, need to stay gruonded during transcendental experiences such as meditation.

The Naturopath has studied with both Ian White (creator of The Australian Bush Flower Essences) and Julia Graves (creator of the Green Tara Flower Essences)