We offer Ayurvedic & Naturopathic consultations & a selection of Ayurvedic treatments at the Satmya clinic. The clinic is open on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday by appointment only from 10-3pm. Our Dispensary is open every Thursday from 10-1pm. 

At Satmya we believe that everyone is unique & even though you may be suffering from a particular condition our protocol will depend upon your specific needs. We treat the whole person & not just the condition.  We look at all aspects of your health & take into consideration anything that may be adversely affecting your health.

We aim to gently restore a sense of balance to your body & mind

Conditions we treat

For acute conditions (colds, sore throats, headaches, muscle pain, conjunctivitis, bruising, etc) come into our dispensary and avail of a free (over the counter) 15 minute consultation but for chronic conditions we recommend a full consultation.

The Respiratory System

Sinusitis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Emphysema, Coughs, Influenza, Hayfever, Colds, Rhinitis, Tonsilitis, Laryngitis, Aphonia, etc

The Digestive System

Indigestion, Appetite disorders, IBS, Crohn’s disease, Ulcers, Gallstones, Constipation, Bloating, Flatulence, Colic, Hypoglycaemia, Nausea, Vomiting, Reflux, Hiatus hernia, Coeliac disease, Systemic cadidiasis, Diverticulitis, Diarrhoea, Chronic burping, Fistula, Obesity, Stomatitis, Halitosis, Food Aversion & cravings, Anorexia, etc

The Circulatory System

Varicose veins, Poor circulation, High or low blood pressure, Atherosclerosis, High cholesterol, Anaemia, etc.

The Endocrine System

Hypo/Hyperthyroidism, Goitre, Lymphatic congestion, general hormonal imbalances, etc

The Musculoskeletal System

Bruising, Rheumatoid arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Muscle pain, Tension, Cramps, Spasms, Lumbago, Osteoporosis, Fibromyalgia, Lupus, etc

The Nervous System

Stress, Depression, Insomnia, Anxiety, Migraines, Headaches, Poor memory, Mood swings, Chronic pain, Bells palsy, Sciatica, etc

The Skin

Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Rashes, Rosacea, Warts, Herpes simplex, Itching, Insect bites, Sunburn, Ringworm, Urticaria (hives, nettle rash, etc), Scarring, Abscess, etc

The Kidney and Urinary System

Urinary tract infections, Cystitis, Incontinence, Polyuria, Urethritis, etc

The Reproductive System

Menstrual problems, Period pain, Irregular periods, PMT, Mood disorders, Fibroids, Heavy bleeding, Cramps, Infertility, Endometriosis, Menopause, Vaginitis, Ovarian cysts, Prostatitis, Impotency, etc

The Special Senses  

Conjunctivitis, Vertigo, Tinnitus, Menieres Disease, Styes, Ear infections (discharge & infection), etc


A consultation can help you get to the root of your health problem, understand your body better or find new approaches to your mental wellbeing. (please note: if you have an acute health problem, we offer free 15 minute consultations with our Naturopath every Thursday in our Dispensary)

Your first consultation with the  Ayurvedic practitioner or Naturopath, at Satmya, will  take from 1.5 to 2 hours.

The following steps will generally form the basis for any consultation:

  • Health profile – the practitioner will make a thorough assessment your case history, in an attempt to identify the root cause of your health problem/s
  • Pulse, tongue, nail &/or iris (iridology) analysis may also be part of your consultation process
  • Dosha identification & analysis (Ayurveda)
  • Advice & Medicines: At the end of your consultation you will be given an advice/recommendations sheet. This will consist of  dietary & lifestyle advice as well as a list of Herbal/Ayurvedic/homeopathic/vitamins, etc to take as part of your plan.
  • All the personal information you provide to your practitioner is held in the strictest confidence.

Ayurvedic Treatments

Therapeutic body treatments are an integral part of the ancient healing tradition of Ayurveda and are seen as being vital to maintaining health and restoring balance in the body & mind.

Each Ayurvedic treatment has a specific purpose and all aim to return the individual to a harmonious state of health and wellbeing. These ancient treatments are not just about pampering but may also be very helpful for specific health problems

Our Qualified Practitioners

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERADOUG HYDE ADV DIP AYUR, B.A. (BIOLOGY) Ayurvedic teacher/therapist/practitioner, meditation teacher & retreat facilitator. Qualified 2005

BHSC (NAT), B. COMM Naturopath, Herbalist, Homeopath, Nutritionist & Remedial Massage Therapist. Qualified 2005