Learn Indian Head Massage

3 Day Shiro-abhyanga Diploma – Learn Indian Head massage

Learn the ancient art of Indian head massage on this 3 day workshop. This simple treatment can be used for a wide range of health problems, most notably stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Indian Head Massage (Shiro-Abhyanga) is an Ayurvedic massage technique that focuses on the head area. Read more

This Ayurvedic treatment is a wonderful addition to your clinical practice.

Indian Head Massage Dip

About the class

Dates: 18th-20th January 2019

Cost: €355

Duration: 3 days

Time: 10-5pm each day

Includes: notes, oils & towels for use on the day, tuition, refreshments

  • CPD available for IMTA & IRH
  • Pre-requisite to receive diploma:
    • Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology or equivalent
    • Completion of 3 case studies to be submitted within 12 months
  • Bookings – 061 622751

If you can help the mind then you are on the way to restoring health….

Workshop Outline

Day 1

  • Will cover the fundamentals of Ayurveda and give you an insight to the importance of the mind from both the spiritual and physiological point of view.
  • You will also learn of the Dosha specific oils one can use when performing this treatment.

Day 2

  • You will learn about the anatomy & physiology of the head, shoulders and arms
  • You will learn about the marma points in the head area
  • You will learn the classical technique beginning with marma point massage.
  • You will be taken step by step through the various stages of this classical technique.

Day 3

  • Review of material from day 1 & 2
  • You will practice & fine tune your technique
  • You will have plenty of time to practice and receive treatments yourself.
  • Short examination

Learning outcomes:

  • You will be able to identify oils for specific Doshas
  • Locate marma points
  • Learn classical massage techniques
  • You will also be able to assist with certain hair conditions such as greying, hair fall etc
  • Learn how to reduce stress and tension.

This workshop will be of benefit to practitioners (massage therapists, beauty therapists, Naturopaths, etc), those interested in learning more about Ayurveda & those interested in improving their general health.


“It was a wonderful course – the content was fascinating, the teacher was fantastic and the place itself was really welcoming -very positive energy. I have loved learning here. Thank you”

Please call 061 622751 for more information or bookings