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Dairy & Spring

Ayurveda generally recommends that you should either decrease dairy (cow) considerably or avoid it altogether during Spring. This is because Kapha is aggravated at this time of the year & the heaviness of dairy is even more problematic for our bodies. Instead opt for dairy alternatives (almond, hemp, rice, coconut, oat milks) or goats milk […]


Grapefruits decrease Vata, mildly increase Pitta and liquefy Kapha. They are alkalising, stimulant, expectorant, astringent and mucolytic. They help to digest sugars, fats (hypolipidaemic) and stimulate the liver & gallbladder (chologogue). They are high in anti-oxidants, promote longevity and are high in spermidine, lycopene & vitamin C. Tastes: bitter, sour & sweet. Grapefruits are a great option for breakfast if […]

Tips for a healthier Spring

Unfortunately the transition into Spring can sometimes be tricky for our bodies!  For many, Spring is associated with  congestion & excessive amounts of mucous which may lead to conditions such as sinusitis, coughs, colds, asthma, hay fever, digestive problems, joint pain, etc. On a positive note, Spring is a great time for doing a detox, for losing weight, […]

Nutrition Intensive

Join our Ayurveda Cooking & Nutrition Intensive April 20-22nd. More details here

Diploma 2018

Our 2018 Diploma course is now taking enrolments. Please call or email for an application form.

Ancient Trees

For the Celts, trees were considered to be gods, the ancient ancestors of mankind and elder beings of wisdom. They were a connection to the world of the spirits and a doorway into the ‘Otherworld’. They gave shelter and protection, provided sustenance and were a source of healing and medicine. The tree represented the soul […]


  Clinic Testimonials Dear Yvette & Doug, I just wanted to thank you both so much for the wonderful weekend in Killaloe. Satmya is really such a special place and I’ll look forward to visiting again. The workshop and all the fantastic advice has helped so much and the food was delicious. Many Thanks & […]

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Satmya runs regular workshops throughout the year both at our premises in Killaloe & various other venues throughout the country. If you would like to organise a private workshop or cooking class please contact us. Private classes must have a minimum of four participants. Meet our teachers Our Courses Seasonal Ayurvedic Cooking Classes:  23rd March […]


Satmya has a boutique health shop Herbal Dispensary Homeopathic Dispensary Herbal Teas – loose single herbs & combinations Ayurvedic medicines & herbs (rishtams, choornas, decoctions, etc) Ayurvedic essentials (tongue scrapers, neti pots, copper cups, toothpaste, oils, etc) Books on health related topics (Ayurveda, herbal medicine, yoga, meditation, spirituality, etc) Indian spices and ingredients Earth Born […]