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The new school year can be very exciting but it can also lead to numerous health woes. I generally see lots of sniffles, coughs & colds, anxiety, heightened stress and other health issues at this time of year. Herbal medicines can be really supportive to boost immunity, modulate stress and calm the nervous system. It is generally best to consult a qualified herbalist before taking any herbal medicines.

Some herbal aides for going back to school…

1. Elderberry:  This is a wonderful tonic to keep your immune system boosted throughout the Autumn/Winter. Elderberry is anti-viral, anti-oxidant, high in vitamin C and a great all round tonic. It has also traditionally been used to shorten bouts of influenza. Elderberry may be used long-term.

2Echinacea: This is a good one to keep handy throughout the school term. It boosts the immune system and is used in the treatment of bacterial and viral infections.  Studies suggest that echinacea contains active substances that stimulate the immune system to counter bacterial, viral, and fungal infections, reduce inflammation, strengthen blood vessels, destroy free radicals, increase active white blood cells in circulation and stimulate production of interferon (a natural antiviral substance).

3. Brahmi: If your memory is a little bit rusty or your attention span is lacking then perhaps Brahmi could help. This herb is long revered in Ayurveda for it’s memory boosting, concentration enhancing & nerve tonic effects. (Rosemary, Sage, Siberian ginseng & Ashwagandha are also useful here)

4. Chamomile: If you’re feeling a little anxious or nervous about going back to school then Chamomile may be useful. A traditional remedy for anxiety, insomnia and irritability (other useful remedies include Vervain, Pulsatilla &/or a blend of flower essences). 

5. Chyawanprash: An Ayurvedic tonic formula par excellence. Chyawanprash has been used for thousands of years to increase and sustain energy and immune function. It is very high in vitamin C, anti-oxidants and other useful ingredients to boost the immune system and combat stress.

If you would like to try some herbal medicines or get some free advice about using them, drop into our dispensary and speak with our qualified herbalist. The dispensary is open every Tuesday morning from 10-1pm and Thursday afternoons from 3-6pm. 

About our herbalist



Yvette has been in clinical practice for over 10 years. She specialises in women’s health.

She is available for private consultations and also runs a free general herbal & homeopathic dispensary service every Thursday afternoon in Satmya.  read more here