Ayurvedic Cooking Class


Ayurvedic Cooking Class

  • Dates:  November 5th 2016
  • Cost: €60 per person
  • Duration: 4.5 -5 hours (10-3pm)
  • Includes: notes, ingredients, tuition, breakfast and lunch
  • To organise a private class please email or call 061 622751

“Really interesting day. Learnt a lot about health & nutrition. Broke through a lot of misinformation I had. Left feeling capable of making gradual changes & inspired to do so. Thank you” Laura (scroll down for more testimonials)

Combining cooking skills with Ayurvedic nutrition this course will leave you with a comprehensive understanding of food, seasonal diets & eating according to your body type.

A little about the Course

In Ayurveda, food is seen as a powerful medicine and it lies at the foundation of health.  This course will teach you about Ayurvedic nutrition and how to apply Ayurvedic principles into your everyday cooking.

About Ayurvedic Nutrition

Ayurveda originates in India and is more than 5000 years old. It is recognised by the W.H.O as the oldest and most complete traditional health care system. In Ayurveda, nutrition extends beyond the individual components of food (lipids, carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and water) and incorporates other important principals, like taste, potency, digestive power, seasonal & individual variations, toxic load, correct timing, food combining, etc. According to Ayurveda the caloric intake to output of energy is not of key importance but rather the diet should be selected in such a way that it should bring back or maintain homeostasis (balance within the body). It should stimulate appetite, pacify the vitiated Doshas (energies) & Dhatus (tissues) and at the same time it should be palatable. Selection of food & recipes should depend upon factors like the condition of digestive capacity, age, strength as well as certain other individual factors.

This course is designed to show you the basics in Ayurvedic cooking and to give you an understanding about the energetics of food.

        Course Outline

  • Introduction to Ayurveda & Ayurvedic cooking
  • The energetics of food & food combining
  • How to use spices & herbs to transform the food you eat
  • Seasonal variations of diet and lifestyle
  • Preparation & cooking of an Ayurvedic breakfast & lunch
  • Preparation of Chai or Takarum or other healing drink

As food changes seasonally, so does this class

A brief overview of the focus of each seasonal cooking class

The Autumn Class: Cleanse and Restore (5th November 2016)

According to Ayurveda, Autumn is an excellent time to detoxify the body. The Autumn class focuses on cleansing the body and restoring vitality for the Winter months ahead.

The Winter Class: Strength and Immunity (On request)
During Winter, our bodies need to increase strength and immunity through tonic foods. This class will focus on ways to strengthen your body and boost immunity through diet and lifestyle tips.
The Late Winter Class: Nourish and Nurture (On Request)
Late Winter is extremely harsh on both body and mind. In this class we will focus on ingredients to nourish the nervous system, alleviate stress and enhance the mood. So, if you’re not going on a late Winter sun holiday, do the next best thing and check out this class.
Spring Class: Detox and Cleanse (12th March 2016)
Spring is a great time to remove excess weight and congestion from the body. In this class we will focus on reducing sticky and heavy toxins from the tissues through cleansing foods thus making the body lighter and alleviating chronic conditions like allergies and digestive problems.
Summer Class: Soothe the Senses (On Request)
On our Summer class we will prepare refreshing summery dishes that will help keep you cool & light all Summer long.

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“Doug was a wonderful host and the day was very informative & enjoyable” Rita Dowling

“The course was a fantastic day, a great introduction to Ayurveda and practical tips to introduce you to healthier lifestyle changes in a gradual & achievable way”. Evelyn Kelly

“Very enjoyable day. Thank you Doug. So much information – great. Very practical class – loved finding out how to use spices & herbs in everyday cooking. Respecting our Doshas give our bodies, minds, soul a breath of new life. Thank you very much” anon

“Excellent day. Enjoyed practical. Interesting flavours from food” ‘Time to practice…’ Colin & Gabrielle

“Really interesting day. Learnt a lot about health & nutrition. Broke through a lot of misinformation I had. Left feeling capable of making gradual changes & inspired to do so. Thank you” Laura

“Thanks for a very informative & interesting day. I am looking forward to slowly changing my habits and looking to improve my health. Food really is true medicine” anon

About the teacher


 Doug Hyde B.A (Biology), Adv. Dip Ayurveda

Doug is the Ayurvedic practitioner & co-owner of Satmya. He first became interested in Ayurveda in 1998 during his Biology degree at the University of Denver (DU). At the time, Doug was an elite swimmer and could see the logic of this ancient system when he applied it to his own health.

In 2003, Doug relocated to Australia to pursue Ayurveda full time under the tutelage of professor Jason Chandler,  a highly respected Vaidyacharya (Ayurvedic Doctor & Teacher).  He studied classical Ayurveda for 4 years and upon graduation, in 2007, he returned home to set up Satmya in Killaloe.

He has a special interest in teaching and sharing his knowledge of Ayurveda.

Courses: Ayurveda for PractitionersKitchen Medicine, Ayurvedic Seasonal CookingAyurveda Self CareIndian Head Massage  and other classes. Doug also runs Ayurveda & Yoga retreats in various locations in Ireland