Ayurvedic Facial – Ubtan

What is an Ubtan?

An ubtan is actually a blend of choornas (herbal powders), floral waters and herbal oils that is applied to the face or body for a specific effect (cleanse, nourish, soothe, etc). At Satmya, all ubtans are freshly prepared from the finest, natural & organic ingredients.

The treatment lasts about 1 hour and is extremely relaxing. Each treatment commences with an Ayurvedic face massage using marma therapy, followed by an herbal steam. Once the face is thoroughly cleansed the Ubtan is applied.

Choose from:

Vata Ubtan: A moisturising & softening facial using a blend of soothing herbs & oils to alleviate dry or tight skin.

Pitta Ubtan: A cooling, soothing & detoxifying facial used for inflammatory skin conditions such as acne, rosacea etc

Kapha Ubtan: A deeply cleansing mask & scrub specifically blended for oily & greasy skin.