Ayurveda Ireland

Satmya offers many ways to experience & learn Ayurveda in Ireland. We offer consultations, authentic treatments, Panchakarma, professional courses and a 2 year Diploma course in Ayurveda.

What is Ayurveda

Ayurveda is truly holistic and is so much more than merely a health care system. It is a way of living that aims to restore & maintain the balance of the mind, body & spirit through diet, cleanses, medicines, treatments, yoga & meditation.

The word Ayurveda comes from the ancient Indian language Sanskrit. It translates as “Science of Life” and is often referred to as Traditional Indian Medicine.  Ayurveda is said to have originated more than 5000 years ago and is believed to be the oldest & most complete health system known to man.  The first written evidence is contained in the Atharva Veda circa 3000 B.C. Ancient texts help to explain the origins and workings of the universe and life as we know it.  Ayurvedic texts specifically teach us how to lead a healthy and happy life thus enabling us to realise our full potential.


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A little bit of the philosophy behind the Science of Life.
Everything in our universe is composed of 5 elements or in sanskrit Mahabhutas.

The 5 elements are:

  1. Akash (ether)
  2. Vayu (air)
  3. Agni (fire)
  4. Jala (water)
  5. Prithvi (earth).

These 5 elements are found in varying proportions in all things both animate and inanimate. The combination of these 5 elements give each object or being its unique features.  The 5 element theory or Mahabhutas is at the core of Ayurvedic theory. It explains the doshas, the influence of seasons, the tastes in foods and much more besides…

In Ayurveda, the physiological and psychological functions of the body are intricately woven. The body houses the Soul and through its connection to the mind bodily functions are maintained.

At Satmya we place great importance in upholding the sacred teachings of the classical texts & endeavour to practice Ayurveda in accordance with these teachings.

There are many ways to experience Ayurveda at Satmya

*Learn about this ancient science by attending one of our workshops

*Have a consultation with our qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner or Student Practitioner

*Cleanse you body seasonally with Pancha Karma... the original Ayurvedic detox!

*Indulge in one of our Ayurvedic treatments

*Bring Ayurveda into your workplace with our Ayurveda Corporate Wellness Solutions

To maintain optimum health through Ayurveda one can choose from a vast range of medicines, therapies and practices such as Yogic exercises, Meditation, Vedic astrology, Panchakarma cleanses, decoctions, herbs, tonics, consultations, fertility and rejuvenating treatments etc. The practical knowledge of self-healing is accessible to everyone through Ayurveda.

Doug Hyde Ayurveda Practitioner & Teacher Ireland

About the Ayurvedic Practitioner – Doug Hyde

Doug is an Ayurvedic practitionertherapist teacher and the co-owner of Satmya. He was first introduced to Ayurveda in 1998 and has pursued his passion for this ancient science ever since. Read more here